Domain name forwarding
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Domain name forwarding: I want domain to forward to i think it may be a mod rewrite issue?

I'm using cpanel and i tried using the "Parked Domains" icon, but when i used it the following happened:

domain forwarded to the content of domain but in the address bar it still said domain ( i want this to change also) plus it only went to the index page and not the subfolder
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You want the Domain Pointer, not Parked Domain. To do that you'll need to set your domain to use your host's DNS nameservers. Then set the Domain Pointer to redirect to the root or subdirectory.
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some domain registrars have a "cloaked domain" thing that opens the forwarding url in a frame, try to turn that off
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matimer: some hosts have random settings on this sort of thing as well. If you can't get it to work and your host has support options, do contact them.

If you can't get in touch with them you might try via your registrar. Places with robust tools will often allow you to do forwarding.
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