Do I swim tomorrow?
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I swim breaststroke four times a week for 40 minutes a session. Due to dislocation/confidence issues, I stick to the one stroke.

Last Friday I twinged my tricep overtaking someone. It aches a little, no sharp pains, nothing serious, but it's constantly there. It's been a heavy weekend of travel/lifting cases and it aches still.

I can only swim Monday and Tuesday this week so I'm eager to go, but I don't know much about muscle recovery. Should I rest it till the pain has gone? Should I swim slowy, no overtaking? Or should I just push on, this is minor. [It is a minor pull, but ... I'm in my late 40s now and I'm getting cautious].

Thanks for any advice, especially in the next six hours :)
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Perhaps use a kickboard to let your arm heal?
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Maybe consider a legs only day and use a kickboard? An article from the Cleveland Clinic says to "stop the physical activity that caused your strain to avoid further damaging your muscle." Maybe find an arm movement to do dryland that keeps you moving, but doesn't hurt.
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Best answer: I'd go, start off extremely slowly/gently, and see how it feels. If it's fine, do your usual workout. If it's okay but not great, do an easy workout, maybe cutting it short and/or going more slowly. If it hurts a lot, get out of the pool right away and rest it until the following Monday.
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It's been a heavy weekend of travel/lifting cases and it aches still.

I'd let it rest, do some gentle stretching.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. You convinced me to go. Don't have a kickboard, but will get one. Good ideas there.

Took it very slowly. Ached a bit, swam a bit, floated around a bit. Sat here typing glad to have gone and without it feeling worse.
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