Heal my stiff / stuck thumb knuckle?
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I hurt my thumb knuckle joint many year ago, and it's been stiff ever since, most days it even "sticks" once or twice and takes time and sometimes pain to loosen up. How, if it all, can I help it finally heal?
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I had this, and it was solved by a doctor giving me a steroid injection in the tendon. It worked like magic, but... well, I'm in Canada.
posted by mhoye at 2:21 PM on June 15, 2023

Sounds like trigger finger, which like mhoye was cured for me by a steroid injection into my hand.
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Best answer: Agree with trigger finger "diagnosis". The steroid injection did not help me, but surgery ultimately did. However, this finger splint was very helpful until I got to the point that I needed the surgery. It was recommended by my OT niece.
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Best answer: I was referred to PT for a similar problem and the exercises got it patched up.
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