Well, *I'm* buying a hot glue gun
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Anything excellent on the hot glue gun front? I use them with (adult) students who have utterly bolloxed 4 (one expensive 3 cheap) this year. Requirements inside, one option is to just keep buying cheap ones, but I'd like to try a more sustainable option first.

They leave them on for aaaaaages. Sometimes so long the nozzles mount melts or heat-creep deforms the gluestick far up into the feeder. They drop them, borking longer nozzles. They don't really seem to remember how to use them, I've found them with a pen inserted in place of (available) glue sticks. We use professional 11mm glue sticks, high temp, low open-time.

I'd like cordless, I'd like replaceable tips, I'd like them to pause or go into a standby temp if not moved for a minute or two, but heat up real quick again. Are there other things I'd like them to do? You tell me! All price points are relevant, but more bang for my buck the better.
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Ryobi p307 is cordless and pretty solid
(I have the mini version which is less solid but still pretty good!)

Bauer makes a cheap cordless one.

I don't know of any cordless glue guns that go into standby other than one by Greenworks, but I haven't tried it.

I'll say that cordless is a great feature for a glue gun,
and that you can have a 'class' (and afterwards a 5 minute quiz for refresher) on how to use the glue gun that they need to complete monthly to retain access to the tool. They will grumble but respecting tools is a skill in itself.
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A couple of possibilities to extend the glue gun life:

1) I see there are glue guns rated for a continuous duty cycle ... I'm guessing the two for Ø7/16" glue sticks will work with Ø11 mm.

2) Buy a cheaper, corded glue gun rated for intermittent duty cycle and power it thru a timer switch. Do check the duty cycle specifics to see if it'll work for you (if McMaster-Carr is a vendor option, give them a call and ask... although they secretive on brand names they are very helpful with specifications).
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