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My organization has been contracted to create 5-6 educational modules for a specific audience / purpose, but struggling to find one that feels like a good fit. Snowflakes inside...

The courses will NOT be offered to the general public nor will students be directly paying to take them. With most of the dozens of platform options, however, there seems to be a big emphasis on monetizing content, which is not something we will necessarily be requiring. Wondering if there might be any others out there more specific to the nonprofit or even traditional education domain that might be more suitable than what we've found so far.

The two we had narrowed down to were Thinkific and Teachable, first deciding that Teachable might be the way to go before some red flags began piling up (questions unanswered, negative reviews, email bounce-backs and no follow-up from the rep that demo'd it to us initially). We did, however, find the admin back-end of the platform to be user-friendly and intuitive, and would otherwise lend itself to what we are hoping to achieve with this project. Thinkific, I think might do in a pinch. We looked at Coursera briefly as well but had trouble making heads or tails of it; and Moodle is a bit too dry / clinical in its look.

So yeah. Looking for something that can be made, simply and aesthetically, that can incorporate photos, video, text, audio, and web forms, ideally with the option to embed html content from 3rd party sites as well (such as Canva and Typeform). There is a bit of an artistic / cultural component to the content we are creating, so the end product has to look somewhat nice, though nothing overboard as we know each platform will have limitations in this regard. Needs drag-and-drop or WYSIWYG-type of building as none of us here code, though very familiar with other web design platforms such as Wix, Wordpress etc.

Another relevant detail is that after we are finished building all of the content, we will be passing the entire project back to the other organization who will be administrating the program going forward once they are ready to accept students. Despite that, they have asked that we make the ultimate decision as to which platform to go with. Budget is around ~$2000 per year for the platform itself, but might be willing to spend more if we find a perfect fit.

So, any ideas for something that might be better geared toward the purposes we are looking for?

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Best answer: Have you looked at Canvas? They offer a free version which they say "is great for non-profit organizations."

I used the free version for awhile before my college adopted Canvas and it worked well for my needs. I can't say anything about the administrative back-end, but I found the teacher interface much easier to use than Blackboard.

The rich-text fields for assignments and pages have a WYSIWYG interface, but also allow direct HTML editing so you can paste in HTML embeds.

I don't know anything about their pricing for a paid instance, but their tech support has always been responsive, and there's also a user forum for further support/advice.
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Response by poster: Hey @fogovonslack, sorry for the late thanks for this suggestion.. Definitely the best of the bunch I've tried BY FAR, but hooboy is it expensive!! We'll see if they go for it!
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