Best NBA playoffs ever?
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Best NBA playoffs ever? Last nights Lakers/Suns finish sure was exciting, no matter who you were cheering for. I read an article a few weeks ago saying why this year could have the most exciting playoffs in NBA history. Anybody know where that article can be found?
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I think you'll have to give more details for anyone to help. Do you recall what publication/site you read it at?
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Response by poster: It might have been on Yahoo sports pages, that's all I can remember.
Obviously I can't find it now.
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We'd definitely need more information -- was this something written on a blog, or in a pro sports magazine? One constant of sports coverage is that opinions tend to get recycled mercilessly, so without specific details, it would be pretty unlikely to find exactly what you're looking for.

As a side note, I think that these playoffs have been substantially more exciting than anyone could have predicted a few weeks ago -- or even on the eve of the playoffs themselves. Did anyone other than die-hard fans think that Chicago, Indiana, Sacramento, or Washington would be tied 2-2 going into game five? Or that only one series (Mavs-Grizz) would even have the potential for a sweep and lower-seed upsets would look like the flavor of the week?
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Best answer: Based on the Yahoo tip, I found this. Is that it?
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Response by poster: camcgee:
Thanks, that's the one!
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(He's right, y'know...)
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