Remotely Managed Display Screens?
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Asking for a friend: My company has a number of locations and i am looking for a vendor or app that will allow me to mount screens in lobby of each location as digital signage for marketing announcements. I want to be able to control the images on screen from the main office with minimal-no need for on-location staff to do anything. Thoughts on how I should set this up?
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I've only used Omnivex, which I don't recommend at all, but you're probably looking for something in the field of "digital signage", if you're not searching based on that already.
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There are a few digital signage tools out there. I like SimpleSignage, which is an AppleTV app that will display Google Slideshows. All management from your MDM, or from your Google Workspace.
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A non-answer answer: I have used MVIX/Xhibit and it's awful.
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The search term is Digital Signage.
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Networked Brightsign media players are industry standard (in the UK at least. ) They allow scheduling and content management remotely.
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Full disclosure: This is a friend’s business, but he lives and breathes Brightsigns! I’m sure he’d be happy to assist if you wanted to investigate this option.
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Xibo cloud option is pretty reasonable, and we have good experience with it
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If you don't need pictures, there's Vestaboard. We have a couple of these where I work - they're like the old-school letters-on-a-flipboard thing that train stations used to use, but are programmed via an app you can do either from your computer or on a phone.
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My company, RingCentral, does this with its RingCentral Rooms product, which is a videoconferencing app that also does digital signage.
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And free or cheap too.... Brightsign (the guys who eventually started roku) make a terrific device and service. Sedna player is very good but less free. Services from companies like vitec, ping HD etc are also good be even less freer.
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Response by poster: thank you everybody!!!! Metafilter for the win, as always
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