Substitutes for coconut cream
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This recipe looks great but the person I'd be sharing it with doesn't like coconut flavor. Do you think I could substitute heavy cream for the coconut cream, or any other ideas?

(I don't find coconut cream / chocolate cake recipes to be particularly coconutty, but this person notices.)
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It seems like the coconut cream is providing part of the structure of the filling, so I would substitute cream cheese or whipped cream, folding it through the rest of the filling ingredients once everything else has been melted, combined and cooled.
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Because the recipe wants you to melt the coconut cream before mixing it with other ingredients, I think using heavy cream will work just fine.
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Sour cream might also be an option. I think it's a bit closer to the texture of coconut cream than heavy cream is, and should melt down OK. Greek yogurt was the other thought I had, but I think you'd want to do that as a late, cooled addition, like cooker girl's suggestion.
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Best answer: Because it is no-bake, I don't think you'd want to heat up heavy cream. Whip it first, separately, and add everything else to it gently. Or find a chocolate mousse recipe and substitute it as the filling for that crust.
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Best answer: From a traditional French pastry perspective, the coconut cream is the substitution, for regular heavy cream. This is a chocolate ganache filling, which is basically just chocolate and cream.
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Best answer: I would be looking to match the rough proportions of fat, other solids, and water. The fine folks at Tetrapak say that coconut cream is 25-37% fat, so heavy cream at 33% would be an excellent choice. If someone doesn't like the dairy taste, you could also use shortening or neutral lard and some water to make the correct mixture, though you might also need some emulsifier depending on how the texture is supposed to be.
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