What streaming series will I enjoy based on one scene in Barry I liked?
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Just finished the fourth season of Barry and was disappointed. Too dark and lacking in insights that meant anything to me or humor or drama that felt original. What got me hooked was some of the off-beat humor in earlier seasons--in particular a scene where a (lesbian) couple is breaking up as we see Henry Winkler out the window being attacked one by one by dozens of dogs (final reason given for break-up "you just have too many dogs.") Anyhoo, based on that one positive and one negative pieces of evidence, would appreciate recommendations for other shows.
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Seconding Patriot. The first season is just about perfect.

Broad City is a comedy about two young women living in New York. It has that same kind of feeling of the world being mostly normal, but also slightly off.
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Patriot. One of my favorite shows... Ever. No one has ever heard of it, and it's a damn shame.
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I still watch this a couple times a month. it's amazing and perfectly encapsulates the show.
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If you like offbeat humor then I Think You Should Leave.
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I haven't seen Barry, but the idea of a slightly askew world makes me think of Fleabag.
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I will rexommend Lodge 49 forever and ever. It's a very kindhearted show with a weird, sharp sense of humor. I still smile just thinking about Brian Doyle Murray's poetry recitations.
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Arrested Development was amazing for this, although “it hasn’t aged well” (aka, myself and major parts of society have become more aware of how a lack of empathy/understanding for people who are different than us can both create jokes that are hilarious to us and incredibly painful to others).
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I feel that crazy ex girlfriend had some of these moments, but not to the same quality as Barry.
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Letterkenny, but you'd have to give it time.
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I guess I’d interpret this as the “big swing for a big laugh” genre, in which case:

Schitt’s Creek
Party Down
Toast of London and Toast of Tinseltown (may need to jump through some hoops to watch in the US)
Derry Girls
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Schitt’s Creek

Yes, especially Twyla.
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btw, Patriot is streaming for free on FreeVee. I see all sorts of “Amazon” shows on FreeVee for some reason.
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Enthusiastically seconding Lodge 49!

It's reach exceeds its grasp, but I still enjoyed Dispatches from Elsewhere.

A recent show that has an sf premise, and manages to be both surreal and have humor, is Mrs. Davis. We loved it though it is not for everyone (and is another show that you really need to give it time to play out). There is a fanfare thread on it, but I think it is best not to go into it knowing too much.
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I haven’t seen Mrs Davis yet, but it’s by the same guy who did the Leftovers. The Leftovers is dark-dark-dark in season 1, with season 2 and 3 getting (still heavy) much lighter, with lots of this kind of long-lead big-payoff moments. It’s not all humorous moments though, but same concept.
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A comment on the Leftovers and Mrs. Davis. I noped out of the Leftovers because it was so dark (still debating whether to try again). I did not have those issues with Mrs. Davis.
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Just popping back in to thank everyone who recommended Patriot! I am a prestige TV enthusiast, most of my friends are too, I live in a major coastal city that might be considered a media capital, I consume tons of information about movies and tv, and...I have never heard one whisper about this show. Ever. No one I know has. It is now one of my all-time favorites!
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