Is there a way to bookmark channels in YouTube without subscribing?
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Is there a way to bookmark channels in YouTube without subscribing, or subscribe without videos showing up in subscribe feed? A lot of channels publish far more videos than I want to watch, but I still want to remember the channel and manually visit every once in a while without wading through the flood on my subscribe page.
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This maybe to tedious for you, but i make a screen shot of such channels or videos, and put them in a dedicated folder in my gallery. When i want to go back i type the info from the screenshot in manually.
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Best answer: Two solutions:

1) Make a new YouTube playlist called "Interesting Channels" and save the video to that. The video acts as a bookmark of the interesting channel.

2) Navigate to the channel's profile page and bookmark it using your browser. You can then group these in a bookmarks folder.
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I mean, there's always your browser's bookmarks? If you click on a channel's name, you're taken to their page, which you could bookmark for future visits, although their video page is probably a more useful landing spot.

God only knows if that's even remotely stable over the course of a few years, but it should be enough to remind you to go check out the latest Veritasium or Smarter Every Day or whatever video without having to have their videos in your feed.
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Best answer: YouTube still allows subscription via RSS. I use an RSS reader to add all the channels (and organize them by folders/tags) so you can have a permanent directory of everything, but still sort or filter your feed by categories. All the big companies are moving toward phasing out RSS unfortunately, but for now it's the best system I've found.
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Browser bookmarks would probably be the way to go if you’re viewing the YouTube website in a desktop or mobile browser, but I thought this might be referring to the YouTube mobile app, where those aren’t available.

In the iOS app, at least, there doesn’t seem to be a one-step way to open the current channel in a browser. You can click the channel info to view and copy its URL, and from there you could paste into a browser and bookmark, which seems like a pretty cumbersome workflow. There may be apps that streamline the process of creating bookmarks from the clipboard, but not sure what OS you’re using...
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Response by poster: Mostly I was just hoping to keep YouTube content within my YouTube account as opposed to buried in my browser bookmarks. Saving one video per channel seems the closest, close enough anyhow.
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I subscribe to lots of channels on YouTube as my way of bookmarking them. They do not fill up me my feed of videos to watch, they do not create an obligation to watch new videos. I just have my subscription list in the sidebar.
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I trust solutions above will allow you to bookmark channels in some way. I just want to mention that on Windows systems if you right-click a YouTube video, and copy the link, you can identify the channel since YouTube URLS have been appending the source channel to the URL for a couple years now, don't know why; it's unneeded information which I always strip off the URL if/when using it elsewhere.
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