"Toreador" breakfast TV ad from the 80s?
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I have bits of this ad stuck in my head, I think it was some chain restaurant (a la Denny's), featuring a chef singing a version of "Toreador" about their new breakfast (sandwich?) as he prepares it.

I think it might have been some kind of sandwich because the one line I (likely mis-)remember goes like:

Then a piece of freshly made toast
Put it right in the middle!

I can't find it anywhere online, and honestly I'm starting to wonder if I hallucinated the whole thing. Someone please help cure my earworm!
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I don't know the answer, but I do have a memory of "Toreador" being used pretty frequently in advertising, so I'm pretty sure you're not crazy.
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Wasn’t it hellmans? A BLT?
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Carmen in Pop Culture
Gilligan's Hamlet
Be not a borrower nor a lender be
Do not forget; Stay out of Debt
Think twice, and take this good advice from me
Guard thine own sovereignty!
There's just one other think that you must do -
To thine own self be true!

more I have notes for an FPP about classic music in ads w/ new lyrics and haven't gotten around to it. The Gilligan one has stuck in my head.
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