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Please who can inform me about inspirational christian podcast that aims to strengthen my faith and improve my outlook of life ?
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NPR had a story on this... they use the term 'Godcasts', which might help you in your search. You can listen to the segment here.
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There are a few where people read the bible every day. There are also many syndicated, as in RSS, bible teachers.

My two favorites are Irwun Lutzer of Moody Church in Chicago. The program is called Running To Win.

There is another by a pastor named Chuck Sindoll, whose ministry and program are called Insight For Living.

There is another that I used to listen to on the radio a long time ago called Turning Point with David Jeremiah at

If you are open to some old fashioned, but solid, teaching there's Rev J. Vernon McGee at He's deceased but his radio ministry liveson.

There are many more to be found at

Hope this edifies! :-)

James Messick at gmail dot com
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Speaking Of Faith is a pretty interesting look at how religion shapes our lives and the world as a whole regardless of how hold, (or don't hold), your personal views.
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This is going to sound snippy as hell, but I actually have a good reason to ask.

Is English your natural language? I ask because the above doesn't sound like you speak English very well.

If Spanish or another language is a better language for you, perhaps we can direct you to a Christian podcast in your native language ...
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Also, there are many branches of Christianity... do you subscribe to any particular sect? (examples: Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, etc)... that also might help us direct you in the, well, right direction.
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I do not subscribe to any particular sect as long as the message is pure and simple.
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I am multi-lingual in my everyday conversation with people and i do not need your assessment of my language skills.Lest i forget,thanks but no thanks for your post.
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Yiba, WCityMike was asking a perfectly valid question in order to answer your question. There's no need for that tone.
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The question was asked in English and I think it is safe for us to assume that the listener is looking for English language podcasts without trying evaluate the English language capabilities of the user asking the question. While it is none of our business why the user asked the question they could be looking for a way to both practice their listening and speaking while taking in an uplifting message that reaffirms their faith.

Answer, don't evaluate.
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Answer, don't evaluate.

...unless a brief evaluation might honestly help someone give a better answer. sheesh.
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I'm a Latter-Day Saint and there are mp3 archives and video of our conferences and other uplifting talks. If anything, listen to this wonderful talk of this last general conference, called Broken Things to Mend by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. You won't be disappointed.
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Geekyguy, the question has already been taken to MetaTalk far too many times so I won't try here, but suffice it to say, the debate of whether one should just answer the exact text of the question versus whether one should address any potential circumstances underlying the question in their answer seems to be a perpetually unresolved debate on Ask MeFi. I choose to land firmly in the latter camp.

And, Yiba, if you can't see that my question was meant not to offend but to try to assist you, then you weren't reading my question very carefully. And that's my last contribution to this particular thread — I'm outta here. No need for a subsequent flame war.
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Indiepodder's Religion category has podcasts covering different denominations and religions, including Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age and Pagan. Podcast Alley has an list of popular religion/inspirational podcasts.

Wikipedia has an entry on godcasting.

There's also the Godcast Network and the StarQuest Podcast Network (a Catholic network) set up by Father Roderick who runs Catholic Insider and Daily Breakfast (though DB covers a lot of non-religious topics: TV, video games, Star Wars, etc.).

Day1 is a podcast with "inspiring sermons from America's finest mainline Protestant preachers".

I listen to Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly, and lots of podcasts for us angry, angry atheists destroying everybody's cherished values.
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