How do I get more Cannon crack for my videogame fix?
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Videogame Filter: Anyone ever found another game that plays the same as Cannon Cat?? Too much fun, too few levels.

Cannon Cat has something I haven' t seen before: No movement keys. The only thing you can do is 'fire'. You have to trade off being able to attack enemies and navigating through the 2-d game by recoil alone. I love the gameplay. If you know Japanese could you please tell me what the author says about the game?
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Strange Attractors is another "one-switch" game. You only have one button. If you don't hit the button, you just drift through space, and if you do hit the button, you're attracted to the nearest object.
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Wow, Strange Attractors is a damn fun game. Thanks.

Cannon Cat has the added feature of a mouse to aim with, so it doesn't really qualify as a 'one button' game. I figure it's got to be based on some 1980s arcade game or something, it's such a simple concept I'm doubting it's new.
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Many of the games from the one-button game contest mentioned in this Mefi thread are available for download at That said, my favorite one-switch game is Don't Shoot the Puppy.
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Lethal Application seems to have quite similar gameplay, and has good replay value (different weapon dynamics on repeated playthroughs). Unfortunately, I do not think that the full game is available for free.
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Actually, if you email me, I can get my hands on a copy. Unless you are against that sort of thing. I'd understand. Email is in profile.
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