How to host a SCORM e-learning course the easy and free way?
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As part of a project a graduate student I work with created an interactive online training course using Rise 360. We tested it out and people like it and want to use it. We will be out of funding in July so our Rise/Articulate subscription will run out fairly soon. Now what?

I do not have any prior experience with LMS systems and my current university has a truly abominable, outdated proprietary LMS that is not free for faculty to use anyway.

I had assumed that there would be some sort of easy, free way to host an interactive Rise 360 Articulate e-learning course (can be exported as SCORM and a few other file types) but this is all way more complicated than I realized it would be. I had assumed we could just buy a domain name and throw together a simple WordPress site with some sort of SCORM plugin for like $100.

Basically, it is a short online course with text, graphics, and embedded interactive activities and quizzes. I would like to host it somewhere online where community members can access it for free and they can still use the interactive components and get quiz scores. It would be ideal if we could also provide a certificate of completion.

It would be nice to see on the backend how many people have taken it and if they get stuck or drop off at certain parts of the training, but that's more of a nice to have feature. We would love to know if people are using it and if the materials are working as intended.
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Not an LMS expert but Moodle has fairly affordable cloud hosting here:
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You might be able to host on press books? Through my institute, I can do that for free if g I make my resources open. If you’re in BC, that’s through BCcampus, but I think other provinces and states have places like this.
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I haven’t used it, but edapp looks like a contender.
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Moodle does import SCORM and is open source so you could host it on a server without software costs, but that Moodle Cloud plan SNACKeR linked is cheaper than it would take this former Moodle pro to set up one on cheap cloud hosting if you account for any time at all.
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