Need to reserve a car or taxi from Paris/ORLY to Montmiral in France
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Hi, this Friday, the 26th, I need a car or taxi (not train or transport) from ORLY to Montmiral. Is there a service or a driver you could recommend please?
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Hi fake, LeCab quoted 900€ for this as a starting point, they’re a car service I’ve used for airport pickups before, and the only Paris car service that I’ve used that will do a journey that far.
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Try, DayTrip. Their normal routes are reasonable, but I don't know how much your custom route will cost.
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Just to check: do you want to go to Montmiral (about 7 hours) or Montmirail (1.5 hours)?
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Response by poster: Pendrift- Montmirail (1.5 hours).
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Ah ok, my quote was for Montmiral (about 7 hours)! To Montmirail they quote 180€.
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Response by poster: Thanks all.
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One note about Uber in Paris, they don't have the same levels. UberX there is actually professional licensed black car drivers in pretty darn nice cars. I even left my SLR in one and they only charged me for the ride one way! There used to be "UberPop" which was the US-style randos who turn on the app, but France banned it for reasons of consumer protection. I would not hesistate to take Uber in Paris, whereas it's a crapshoot at best everywhere else I have tried it. Uber quotes EUR167 for that journey in UberX. "Berline" is like Uber Black, overkill unless you want a luxury car.
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If you go with Uber, know that there are competitors like Bolt and FreeNow with similar or lower pricing since Uber has to pay a minimum pricing/wage for their drivers as of recently.
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