Which hotels/bars/restaurants/shops hand out matchbooks in Japan?
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I want to add to my matchbook souvenir collection during an upcoming trip to Japan. Do you know places that hand out branded matchbooks in the Tokyo/Kyoto/Ishikawa or Toyama region?
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Fellow match collector here.

The most common objects handed out in my Japanese experiences are advertising-bedecked packets of tissue; nobody's handing out matches. My first trip I saw actual cigarette samples being handed out (Peace brand) in Tokyo but that was a long time ago, doubt if that would fly today. However it's still a smokey country and you'll find lots of matches available at the cash register in restaurants and at the hotel reception; even in your hotel room (unless it's non-smoking). Ask, if you don't see any.

PS Also watch for boxes of matches, in unexpected sizes.
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I don't recall ever seeing matchbooks in Japan - most people use lighters. Also, overall smoking rates have dropped quite a bit - maybe by half since 2000. The rate of smokers in the adult population is lower in Japan than in the US according to most sources I've seen.
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