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I would like to open the windows in my basement, but can't reach the handles. Does a tool exist to help with this?

I'd like to be able to open more of the windows in my basement, but some of them are out of reach because of stuff that's in storage.

The windows are in good shape and the mechanical parts (swiveling casement handle, hinge) all operate smoothly. I have to imagine it would be possible to use a tool to reach the handle, swivel it unlocked, and pull the window open--then reverse to close/lock.

I don't think that grabber tools would be able to handle the torque, or grip hard enough to pull the window open.

Before I try to build such a tool myself, I thought I'd see if there's something already engineered to do this. Turns out there are a lot of speciality window tools (extensions, handles, cranks) so I'm not having any luck googling. Maybe the hive mind can help me figure out if such a thing exists?
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Best answer: Your link isn't working for me (UK) but for my skylights with casement handles, I use a telescopic pole with a hoop on the end I got from Amazon. The hoop slips over the handle and you twist the pole - it handles the torque fine.
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Best answer: Similar to atlantica's suggestion, in my old apartment I used a broomstick with a large screw eye tightly screwed into the end. Slip the screw eye over the window handle, give it a twist, and a push to open.
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Response by poster: Both great answers! Thanks much!
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