Help me find a trendy pair of boots!
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I'm looking for a pair of trendy Men's boots. What's your favorite?

Help me find a pair of trendy (not hiking, biker or anything that makes me look like a thug) boots that I could wear to a nightclub. I'm having the hardest time finding something that fits this niche. I've looked through hundereds of options at Zappos (with no luck) yet I see people wearing cool boots all the time. Suggestions?
Bonus points for options that don't break the bank.
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jimmythefish: Wow, that has to be the single worst web site I have ever seen, especially because it looks like they spent money to make it that way.
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I second Camper.
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What do you mean by trendy? I like this one at Kenneth Cole and Aldo has quite a few similar styles including this one.
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StickyCarpet: Yes, it's awful. Good shoes, though.
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campers are hot.

cydwoqs (the vintage section).
frye boots

If you end up down in San Francisco at any point email me (in profile) and I'll give you some stores to go to.
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There's a Camper store by Union Square and Cydwoqs at a few places on Cole as far as SF goes. I'd second Aldo for mid-grade not-over-the-top footwear, though their men's selection can be smaller and hit/miss each season. They won't last forever but they don't cost enough to. :)
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Amazon has Jikatabi -- so trendy, you'll be the first!
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Don't know from trendy, but these are in my mind the best boots ever.

i've had three pairs over the last 12 years. They are comfortable, waterproof, and with a polish look damn good.

Friends prefer New Rock Boots [flash site], but i find them to be kinda silly.
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Chelsea boots, aka Beatle boots. Most shoemakers will have some in their line. They look clearly unlike any kind of work/biker/army boot, they usually come with leather soles so they're clearly a "go out" boot, and they're hot right now and are simple and classic enough that they're not going to be a fleeting trend.

Zappo's have lots. (Not all the boots at that link are Chelsea boots, but Zappo's doesn't let you search for Chelseas specifically. Just look for the elastic panels.)

Every man should have a pair of black ankle boots, and Chelseas are a great way to do it.

Blundstones are great boots -- my slop-around boots are a pair of Blunnies -- but the Chelsea is the dress style that developed from the equestrian boots that Blunnies are an example of.
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Well, if you run into some money.
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Thanks, everyone. I found some great pairs at Blundstone, Fluevogs and Camper. Thanks for the suggestions!
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I've read that P. Lal is a good, legitimate source for discounts on high-quality British shoes (I read this at the Ask Andy forums, but I don't have any direct experience). Crockett & Jones makes some nifty Chelsea, and various other style, boots. Note that prices are in Malaysian currency.
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Cydwoqs kick much ass.
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I have to second the Fluevogs - I've got a pair of their square-toed Chelsea's and they're quite awesome. Good luck.
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