Looking for Cliff's notes on recent Anti-Frauditor YouTube drama
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I've been following anti-frauditor and related channels on YouTube (Frauditor Reaper, Dummy Kruger, etc.). Apparently there was some drama a few days ago, resulting in folks pulling support for other channels, etc. but I'm currently too sick to make it through 2-4 hour livestreams to see what happened. Would anyone be able to provide a condensation of what's causing/caused the current drama in said community?
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I am guessing you're referring to the drama around Illuminaughti?

There was a bit of drama about her that started on April 20th, where she accused LegalEagle's team of trying to copy of "editing style". This turned out to be not true and she apologized a week later. But this also lead to a lot of people supposedly pulling their support.

Some details available here: https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Iilluminaughtii#Controversy
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I feel like this is a newer issue than anything from April. I also started seeing opaque comments about it yesterday, so it seems to be something very recent (within the last week).
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Response by poster: I think this is something that started over the weekend or Monday, and might involve a certain anti-frauditor with the initials FW. (Did he accuse someone of appropriating his logo/slogan, or was that only a small part of it?). And this is before the more recent controversy of a certain someone leaving up doxxed (and, it turns out, incorrect) address info of another anti-frauditor in his video, even after apparently receiving requests to remove it.
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