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I'm looking to set up a small contact database/social networking site like Friends Reunited, but just for people who went to my college. It would be hosted on my Apache/MySQL/PHP site. Is there a php script that can do this?
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It's not PHP, but Perl:
posted by tommorris at 4:07 AM on April 30, 2006

It wouldn't be on your own server, but have you looked at Ning?
posted by j-dawg at 8:59 AM on April 30, 2006

Is there a specific reason you are avoiding using Facebook for this? It's specifically for reuniting with people from your college.
posted by twiggy at 1:24 PM on April 30, 2006

twiggy - two reasons. Firstly, Facebook doesn't cover the college I'm looking at. Secondly, I'm after a locally hosted operation, so we can tweak and administer. And so it's unique.
posted by wibbler at 1:50 PM on April 30, 2006

j-dawg: if you use ning, they will offer an option soon where you will be able to pay a few bucks a month to run it independently.
posted by tommorris at 10:38 AM on May 2, 2006

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