Resources for a person with Skilled Worker Visa to remain in the UK
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Asking on behalf of a friend of a friend, based in York, UK: They are in trouble because it looks like the fintech business they work for is about to go under. This would be bad in itself, but - they are from China and they need this job or a similar one to be able to stay in the UK with a valid visa. It would absolutely crush them if they had to go back.

They got this news after moving and signing a 1 year contract for a place to live. As it is, their pay (along with everyone else's) has gone unpaid while the company presumably tries to avoid insolvency.

My understanding is they need to find a job with a business approved by the Home Office to offer this visa (Skilled Worker Visa). Their background is in marketing but in this latest job I think they were doing something closer to managing client accounts or something like that.

In their CV they list their experience as:
- Transaction Monitoring Manager (Finance)
- Compliance Officer & Transaction Monitoring (Finance)
- Project Manager (China Brands Group)
- Research and Development Manager (for a fashion brand)
Also an M.Sc in Global Marketing, AdvDip in Business Administration, and Bachelor of Design in Product Design.

Does anyone know any businesses in the UK or have any contacts that might help? Or have any advice for navigating this situation?
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This is the UK Government's Register of licensed sponsors. It doesn't tell you much about them apart from company name, where they are, and which type of worker they're entitled to sponsor, but it's a start.

I believe the UK Visa subreddit is pretty active and might be a good place to ask this.
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It's my understanding that they would have 30 days to find a new job with visa sponsorship should their current job end, but the visa regulations may have changed since then.

Other advice pertaining to their life situation:

IF your friend haven't paid their rent upfront, I would suggest approaching the landlord to mutually end the tenancy agreement, with one or two months notice. If the landlord is not willing to budge, then say that they will not pay rent. It is a PITA to get a tenant out in the UK, even a non-paying tenant, as they would have to issue Section 8 and go to court and get a bailiff, yada yada - the threat of many months of non-payment, extra costs and extra paperwork would be deterrent enough to come to a mutually-agreeable end. Message me if you like more info.

If they have paid their rent upfront, then I don't have advice for this.
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