DVD Commentary to MP3. Painlessly? On a Windows PC?
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Last September, someone asked about converting dvd commentaries to mp3 on a mac. I wondered if anyone knew of a method using a Windows PC (preferably freeware)?
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I use these instructions and DVD decrypter to rip the AC3 files from the DVD. Commentary files will generally be the second set of audio tracks, sometimes even labeled as such. Then I convert using headac3he or dbpoweramp with the right codec pack installed. DBPoweramp isn't free but it's better than headac3he.
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There's a version of mplayer/mencoder for windows, so the answer marked best in the thread you link should work for you.
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Once you rip the vob files to your hard drive, use FlaskMPEG to create an mp3 of the desired audio track.
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Just play it live on the computer and record "What U Hear" or "wave in" from audacity. The newest beta comes with the lame mp3 encoder i believe or its not hard to install.
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