Podcast [maybe?] on how databases sometimes fail at "nontypical" names
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Sometime in the past few years I read or listened to a piece of media about how assumptions about naming can shut people out of databases entirely. People were described as unable to access government services because design assumptions about names did not permit their actual names. Examples included people who do not have a last name or have names of a single character. Does this ring any bells? I'd like to revisit this article or podcast, but can't find it.
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Best answer: maybe this Radiolab episode? https://radiolab.org/podcast/null
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I think it was this episode of radiolab

Or what julia said!
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Response by poster: Great answers. Thank you!
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I can't fathom why nobody has posted the relevant Xkcd:

I'm not seeing that link, so I'll add it as text:
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XKCD in question: https://xkcd.com/327/

Lately I've been trying to break things using Null or False as my username in random places that ask for them. If you still have SQL injection issues in this day and age you deserve to have your database blown up.
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Other falsehoods programmers believe, about: time, gender, anything.
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I think this was also a recurring topic on Futility Closet, though I don’t remember if they ever did a full episode on it. (Partial discussion on ep 207 here)
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This isn't what you are looking for, but for those interested it has come up on the podcast about the Irish language, Motherfoclóir, with the point being that Irish governmental systems often can't manage Irish language diacritics (fada).
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Response by poster: Folks looking at this question and enjoying it may also find this interesting: The Quartz Guide to Bad Data
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