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I love Bay Area Hiker (that's San Francisco Bay) — do you know of any great hiking sites for other regions of California?

I enjoy Jane's trail descriptions, knowledge of flora and fauna, directions to the trails and all the other need-to-know info she provides. Are there any other sites like this specfic to particular regions of California?
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I am rather fond of Kevin Gong's site.
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I've used Local Hikes in the LA area. I think the content is user generated, so the quality of the descriptions will vary with the quality of the person entering the description.
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symphonik -- thank you for that wonderful link! My husband and I recently moved to the bay area (San Mateo) and are looking forward to a lot of great hiking. I already found Bay Area Hiker, but Kevin Gong's source is a great additional resource. Thanks!!
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well - this is a bit off-topic - if you're on the peninsula (like san mateo), you should check out the mid-peninsula regional open space district. i haven't been to every single one, but the ones i have been to (russian ridge, monte bello, los trancos, corte de madeira, long ridge) are all excellent, and free.
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I smell a Bay Area Meetup coming. :)

(maybe a hike even)

My personal favorites, for what it's worth, are the long loops at Purisima Redwoods, Joseph Grant, and Black Mountain.
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Maybe something the archives for the local TV show "Bay Area Backroads" will pique your interest. They occasionally have hiking areas on the show.
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Here is one I use, ventanawild
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Another great link, sergeant sandwich! Thanks so much -- I'm looking forward to checking out all the dog-friendly sites. I'm loving this thread!
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Another Bay Area site with some longer hikes. I haven't tried any of these (or many of the shorter ones on the other sites) -- most of my hikes have been city walks -- but I'm moving back to the Bay Area in two weeks and am looking forward to trying my feet on some of them. Thanks for the links and the post!
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