Where to buy inexpensive but quality sunglasses?
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Where can I purchase stylish well constructed sunglasses, without paying extreme designer prices?

I'd like to find a pair of sunglasses that offers clear optics, uvb protection, and as a bonus are polarized... that aren't $200-300 a pair.

I'm sure someone will suggest just buying a cheap WalMart pair... but I've lived and learned in that regard. The optical quality of drugstore off the rack sun glasses gives me a splitting headache. I'll pay more for clarity.

So where do you buy your shades? Are there online outlets I'm unaware of?
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uva protection too for that matter! Oops.
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what about going to an optometrist and having a pair custom made for you? It'll still run you ~$100 or more, but you'll probably get a waranty with it... plus it'll fit you perfectly.

You could always go to your local department store and pick up a $30 pair there as well.
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Sometimes those sporting goods stores (SportCheck, etc) have middle-of-the-road sunglasses. If you need them for driving, be sure to get polarized glasses, too.
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Are you anywhere near a Filene's Basement? I used to find great designer sunglasses at the ones in Boston and Washington DC all the time.
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Uhh, "great CHEAP DISCOUNTED designer glasses," in case that wasn't clear!
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I got a pair of designer shades for $30 at Loehmann's.
To be honest, they don't seem much better than the $5 ones I get at the swap meet.
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Sierra Trading Post currently has 145 pairs of hugely discounted high-quality sunglasses.
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Well, polarized Ray-Bans are not $200+. I paid $140 for mine. The non-polarized version was ~$90. I love these sunglasses . Two non-polarizes pairs lasted me a combined 7 years of daily use in the AZ sun. My new polarized pair is even better - the clarity is incredible. I've never been one to lose sunglasses, so the cost is entirely worth it to me.
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Fossil has polarized sunglasses for ~$45. I have a pair, and like them, although it'd be nice if the lenses were a bit more scratch-resistant.
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I've loved and lost on pair of polarized Ray-Bans at about the $130CDN range, and a nice pair of polarized MEC sunglasses (that I can't seem to find on their site) that were less than $90CDN.

For my money the Ray-Bans had better lenses, but the MEC ones had much better frames and warrenty.
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kickingtheground, thanks for that info, there's a Fossil store in London I'm going to have to check out now, as I only lost my MEC sunglasses recently and have not replaced them yet. I will report back shortly as to the quality of the fossil polarized sunglasses, and as to whether I bought some.

Don't you love it when ppl post Ask.Me questions that are exactly the same as you where about to ask yourself?
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you might be able to find something at tj maxx.
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I give the average $100ish Raybans a big thumbs up in value for money.

Functionally speaking, the only difference between my RayBans and my Maui Jims is that the RayBans left me with a little more padding in my wallet.
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Actually, I realized one functional difference. My Maui Jims are made of that flexible titanium shit, that makes em harder to screw up.
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i bought mine at a bicycle shop. they look great and i get lots of positive comments about them. they only cost $40.
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I get mine (and sunscreen) from the cancer council. Cheap, charitable and works well! Mind you, this is in Australia. We've all got skin cancer here.
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Even after wayyy too much money spent 3 pairs of Maui Jims, I still can't gripe about them, though I do agree with ILTacos some (cheaper) Ray-Bans come pretty damn close. (note: first two pairs were due to theft and butt-sit-damage, not build quality.)

If you find a good discounter for Maui J's, after you buy yourself a pair ppplease tell us where the retailer is!
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I got a great pair of Polaroids in South Africa a couple of years ago for about R400 (about £40stg I reckon). I used to hate wearing shades because they never sat well on my face and always irritated the bridge of my nose, but these Polaroids were, and still are perfect.
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Wiley X is a brand i'm pretty fond of. They aren't terribly expensive and the lenses are made from selenite polycarbonate which makes them good for shooting, biking, etc.

i'm also a fan of the kiosks in the mall that sells knock-offs for $10, i always look for spring temples, non-mirrored (to avoid obvious scratches) and polarized lenses. i've had a pair for over two years now that haven't given me any troubles. The trick seems to be in really checking the lenses for distortions before you buy them.
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Reporting back for myself, I bought a pair of Fossil polarized sunglasses at the store here in London today. There were 44quid, which sucks as the same ones in the USA are apparently $44, but I like them and that's still pretty cheap for polarized. The model is called 'rod' I believe, and they seem well made, but as they're only a few hours old I can't really say they've been much tested yet.
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