Anti- Net Neutrality Overseas?
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I am doing research for a paper and need to understand whethere or not there is an anti-net neutrality movement (most likely led by the telcos) in Europe and Asia like there is here in the US. Anyone heard anything? Cannot find anything on Google...
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You might want to follow some of the links here, but I doubt you'll find anything. 'Net Neutrality' is after all framed within the US regulatory context. The background, issue, and the libertarian overtones of the campaign didn't play particularly well outside the US (eg.).
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In Australia the net is controlled by the telcos. There is a gang of four (Optus, Telstra, MCI and AAPT) who peer, then sell transit to all other ISPs. This delivers a big cost advantage to the 4.
There are some small peering exchanges outside these (WAIX, PIPE) but the big 4 host a lot of the local content (, etc.)
On top of this, the government pretty closely regulates the net too.
Now end users may want a neutral net, but that doesn't mean they will ever get one.
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