I am a visitor in my own city.
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Tell me about my town.

Now that I am have finished my Master's I feel the need to explore and learn more about Atlanta. I have lived here for years but pretty much just worked, schooled, gymed, and slept. Visitors are always asking me to take them to the cool local places to eat and shop and beyond Little Five Points, I have little to offer.

So tell me what you love to do in Atlanta, what makes you happy, what thrills you. I live in Grant Park and work in Midtown if it makes a difference.
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Maybe put Atlanta in the title page for more hits?
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I haven't lived in Georgia for about seven years, so some of my suggestions may be outdated.

There are tons of little boutiques and quirky restaurants in Buckhead, but you probably already knew that. Farther afield, there is some better than average Cuban cusine at Coco Loco. Buford highway is great for ethnic restaurants and grocery stores.

You can always take visitors to Stone Mountain or the Cyclorama. However, both places do have a slightly creepy 'the south shall rise again' vibe for some people. I've always loved Fernbank and the surrounding area. Of course, Varsity, blah blah.
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Response by poster: k8t, you are probably right, can a mod change that to "I am a stranger in my city, Atlanta is escaping me" or whatever? Thank you.
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I don't know if you ride bikes, but I'm relatively new to Atlanta, and started going on bike rides with a group called Faster Mustache, I've been ALL OVER the city and neighborhoods, it's a really neat city when you see the various smaller parts, and it's a great way to meet nice people. Fastermustache.org
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I've only been to Atlanta once, but I enjoyed one of the better meals I've had in years at South City Kitchen. (I can't find a web site for them, but I think it's on Crescent Street.)
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Silly me, I Googled, but didn't just try the obvious: South City Kitchen.
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Response by poster: Faster Mustache looks awesome, I don't have much experience riding in the city, is it easy enough for softies like me?
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It's out of the way, but my sister lives up in the Canton/Woodstock/Roswell area, and there's a place that has whirlyball. Loads of drunken fun. Also for drunken fun, there's Dave and Buster's up in Marietta.

The Vortex on Peachtree (and there's another in L5P, though I've never been) has an awesome beer selection.

I second Buford Hwy for ethnic cuisine (there's a great tofu house up that way, and don't knock it 'til you've tried it - it's not your local vegan's tofu).
There's also the antique district in the Chamblee area (Peachtree Industrial).
Naturally, there's the new aquarium and the other stuff around downtown (the Underground, World of Coke, CNN Center).

For the best ribs EVER, go to Fat Matt's, up Monroe near Piedmont Park.
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Oops, Fat Matt's is on Piedmont, not Monroe, sorry.
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i strongly second solotoro on fat matt's rib shack. consistently some of the best ribs i've ever had
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stormygrey, yea, fastermustache is great because it's people who just like to ride. You get all types of riders. It's not the spandexy super-expensive bike type. It's the rest of us who just enjoy taking bike rides.

Also, tonight is critical mass, which if you havent seen it, is a super fun event happening the last friday of every month. They meet at woodruff park downtown atlanta at, 7. There should be at least 200 people riding through atlanta tonight. Its so much fun.
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When I go to Atlanta, I *always* visit the Coca Cola museum. Seriously - it's amazing to have a place that so completely straddles the dividing line between irony and earnestness.
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the High , the Carlos museum at Emory, if you want to drive, Georgia has dozens of State parks in range of a day trip or a weekend and some awesome national forests and parks Chattahoochee-Oconee and Great Smoky Mountains
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I like Einstein's (Midtown) and Twist (Phipps Plaza, Buckhead) in regards to food. Piedmont Park has always been enjoyable for an afternoon, and I remember being on the Silver Comet Trail (Cobb County) a few times.
However, I must say, the best views of Atlanta that you could get are, strangely, on MARTA. I've spent a few bored days riding throughout the entire MARTA rail system; it really gives an interesting perspective of the city. (And, if you don't get off the train, it'll only cost you a little under $2.) Your entertainment may be a little more ... I guess thrill-seeking ... than what mine is.
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Go see the Bodies exhibit at the Civic Center.
Go to a park. Hang out. The weather's great right now.
Go to the Chatahoochee River and just relax. Roswell River Landing is great for that.
Go drink a few pints at Brickstore Pub in Decatur.
Go walk around Stone Mountain. And then run up it. And then stay for the laser show.
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The Carter Library. I enjoyed my visit to the King Center, but apparently his kids have had a falling out about how the place should be run.
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Decatur is a great Fun For Everyone place because you can walk around the courthouse square and get that Southern vibe that only a courthouse-on-the square will provide. Especially good when family visits, as it's basically the small town inside the big city.

There's a small museum inside the courthouse (now the Dekalb History Center). Fun for minutes!

Second having lunch at the Brickstore Pub. Get the fish and chips or the burger or the amazing spinach salad. Great selection of beers and ciders.

Kids can hit the bookstore on the back side of the square, called Little Shop of Stories. It's a dream world, exactly what a bookstore should be. Cool small toys also abound. It shares space with Jake's Ice Cream.

Take a break by visiting the small garden plots behind the Decatur rec center, next to the library parking deck -- I used to garden there (mine was the one with the small blue hippo until someone smashed it). People grow veggies, flowers, weeds -- it's a nice place to hang and watch the bees buzz around. Little kids can see things grow at their level (the plots are only 4 by 8 feet or so).

Another great bookstore is Books Again, across from Decatur High. Tiny store chock full of used books. Lovely people. A fluffy white cat provides just right touch of feline snootiness.

Go south across the tracks and visit Oakhurst -- beer, pizza, peruvian food. Parks hidden in the neighborhood invite dogwalking. A great neighborhood for a bike ride (few hills). Universal Joint has good quesadillas.

Don't forget to keep going east on Ponce de Leon to shop at the Dekalb Farmer's Market.
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Just a cool Atlanta story.
We come from places where any building 100 years old is considered scenic, and anything from the Civil War era is historical.
I popped into Atlanta to visit, and asked the locals about "the historical district". Same answer every time, "We don't have anything historical, Sherman, you know."
Matter of perspective. (I loved Atlanta, it was friendly and polite.)
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The Botanical Garden should be killer about now, and they have a Conservatory on the grounds. The Conservatory is full of tiny poison arrow frogs, which are not toxic because of their diet, and very shy, you never see them. They are quite loud, and lend a certain ambiance.
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