How can I get a free shot on Factiva / Lexis Nexis?
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Cheapskate filter: need to do a one-off Factiva (or maybe Lexis Nexis) search in the UK, but don't have a subscription.

This is literally a one time search (due to a clipping agency dropping the ball). I'll need to do it sometime next week. Any bright ideas on where I might be able to access either service gratis, one-time-only? Failing that, might stretch to a small budget for the search, but an ongoing sub definitely isn't an option.
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a library?

for legal research:
a courthouse library?
bar association library?
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I have Lexis in the US. I'd be happy to do the search for you if it's not for sensitive information.
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If it's a law report, try Bailii, which is free. I have a Lawtel subscription for law reports that don't appear on Bailii, so if that helps, email me (address in profile).
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Contact a research librarian for help.
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Thanks for the help so far guys. It's media content actually, not law reports, which is most of the problem. I'm pretty sure that you can't get Factiva through public libraries over here.

Thanks for the offer NucleophiliacAttack - I need to check if LexisNexis has all the publications that I need to cover before I take you up on it though.
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i can also help you if, again, its not sensitive info.
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University libraries might have it. (and might offer access to alumni, if not the public)

Otherwise, talk to the reference librarian at a library that you do have access to. They are likely to know if there's someplace near you where you can get this access.
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I don't know about Factiva, but LexisNexis offers something called "AlaCarte". It's a free search, and you only pay for the results you want.

Per the site, it's only around $3 American per document you retrieve.

Click here for more info...
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Thanks for the offers everyone, but I managed to resolve the problem. Essentially by shamelessly pulling in favours left, right and centre. :-)

Lexis Nexis didn't have everything I needed, and I couldn't find a way to access Factiva without a subscription, other than by sweet-talking an acquaintance that works there.

Thanks again.
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