What a gaijin needs for FujiRock '06!
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Gaijin going to FujiRock Festival, what can I expect???

I've been in japan about a year now and am planing a trip to the Fuji Rock fest, I've got my tickets, car pass, and camping pass. Sooo,
**how big are the camping spots?
**can we build fires there (to grill), should we bring all our own food?
**will they let us park at our camp site?
** will alcohol and will there be people there selling recreational type "party favors" there, or do I need to find that before I go?
** whats the police presence like
** Whats the Male to Female rations, what can a lonely white male gaijin expect.
** Please any advies for someone that has no idea what to expect.
Thanks. and Rock on Ask.metalfilter!!!!!
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I used to go to Fuji Rock back in the day when they did one day passes. It's a nice festival in a great location.

**the camping is mostly on the ski-slope, so not particularly comfortable I think. I haven't been since everyone has to be camping though.
**no fires, bring your own food or buy from stalls. not too expensive.
**parking is mostly away from the site and then a free bus down. If you arrive early there'll be space in the main carpark close to the site
**alcohol is available. I would recommend buying on the way and hiding some in your bag because it's cheaper. I don't know what "party favors" are but if you mean drugs best to get them in Tokyo. The crowd is pretty vanilla.
**no police. This is Japan!
**Probably 50/50. The crowd is young and friendly
**Go for a swim in the river


there is a FAQ here. http://www.smash-uk.com/frf06/guideline.html
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