Cafe in Belgravia
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I will be in London for a week and am looking for a non-chain cafe to have breakfast around the Belgravia area.

Ideally it would be a non-chain place I can go to in the mornings, have breakfast, read a bit, people watch before heading out for my day. I googled, but would greatly prefer a rec from a Mefite.
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It's been a while since I lived in that end of town. From what I remember, Elizabeth Street is fertile ground for cafés. The area around Orange Square is pleasant to walk, though the cafés are more glamourous there.

The Saturday farmer's market at Orange Square is worth checking out, as is the one in Duke of York Square. Duke of York Square has benches to sit on for reading and peoplewatching, if it's a nice day.

I hope you enjoy your time here!
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Wulf & Lamb does a delicious breakfast. It's an elegant, modern space. Great for reading and people watching and the crowds of Chelsea and Belgravia will grow as your morning ticks on. The Top Floor restaurant just down the road might be a good option to try, too. Great views. And the whole dining-in-a-department-store thing is kind of lux in that flavor of neighborhood.
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