What's the name of this French novel?
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What's the name of this French novel (and who wrote it)?

Sometime in the early 90s (I would say between 91-93), the Village Voice reviewed a (first?) novel that was just translated. Originally published in French by a French novelist, the book, as pointed out in the review, was absurd, and the reviewer illustrated this with a scene from the book where a female character wound up with a dart thrown into the middle of her forehead by the male protagonist. The review was mixed, and I think they even compared it to Camus The Stranger because of the use of the Absurd.

I purchased the book, even read it, shortly after reading this review, but for the life of me can't recall its name. Anyone know what book I'm trying to remember?
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A long shot - it couldn't be Michel Houellebecq, could it? His first novel was Extension de la domaine de la lutte, translated as 'Whatever' in 1994.
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I think altolinguistic has it.
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thanks, ceri - haven't actually read it, though have seen the film, and I don't remember the scene with the dart in the head - hence my caution.
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Funny, I knew it must be Michel Houellebecq just because it was a recent French author. I've not read any of his books.
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I'll give it a shot... thanks. You're probably right as this article by Hoberman indicates the Stranger comparison.
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Houellebecq (wikipedia)
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