Modifying a WaterRower?
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I bought a used WaterRower some years ago but rarely use it, because it's just not built for someone with less than large/long feet.

The straps cross my toes. My toes get tired fast. I built a little brick of cardboard behind my heels, and put in some comfortable sandals, but this thing is built for someone with way larger feet than I. How can I best modify?
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I've never seen one of these machines, but from the video on their website it looks as though the foot pieces are made to be adjusted. There's a row of little square holes running up them and I think that's so you can move the heels up and down. There's no way someone would build a device that would only fit one foot size, so it has to be adjustable. They have manuals on the site, and the first one I found, which may not be for your model, though they all look similar, says:

The footpad has been designed to be adjusted for maximum
comfort. The foot strap is designed to cross the foot at the
pivot point of the toes (the ball of the foot). This should enable
the heel to be raised off the footboard as the user comes
forward with each stroke. The footpad can be easily adjusted to
accommodate different foot positions. The standard footboard
model requires pressing the Button between the Foot Straps to
move the footpad up or down.

Here's a link:
If you're not very mechanically inclined I'd recommend asking a friend to help. It doesn't look impossibly complicated.
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I used to have a WaterRower and had some issues with the footbed because I wanted to row in socks/barefoot. I tried a couple of modifications similar to what it sounds like you are doing, including trying to pad the straps. I ended up dedicating an older pair of running shoes to wear on it. My preference for running shoes tends to be for firmer, lower drop shoes, and they worked well with the footbeds.
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I have a NordicTrack, not a WaterRower, but have the same problem. I ended up just planting my heels above the strap that's supposed to go over the instead. Hope that's an easy fix for you.
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INSTEP. Curse you, autocowreck!
(Just to rub salt in the wound, "curse" was switched to "currently." Have other people found their Android spellcheck is getting too big for its britches? Not trying to derail the thread, just something to ponder.)
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