is it hot in here?
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unlike this previous query, i'm not only hot in bed, i'm hot everywhere, all the time. how can i cool myself down?

so, if the room is over about 70F, i seem to sweat uncomfortably. when this happens everyday in the cubicle, i'm drained by early-afternoon, and it's not good for morale. when i don the suit and head to meetings/conferences, i spend more time mopping sweat than paying attention.

at home, i keep the air at a crisp 60F and *relish* it. but so much of life involves wearing too much clothing, sitting in a hot train, or walking in 90F air pregnant with humidity. [i live in d.c., a swamp of a town].

i've tried the coldest showers i can stand, and i even lived in hawaii for 2 years without a/c, and my body didn't adjust (not that i lived there on purpose...i just figured in retrospect that the [hellish] experience rules out 'adjusting to it').

so, are there possibly dietary/lifestyle/vitamin/horse-tranquelizer-shot strategies for this? thus far, my only respite is an ice-cold PBR with a lime in it (aka a 'redneck on vacation') right after work.

for the record, i like me some coffee (just once or twice a day), and i do exercise (run) a couple times a week. no other meds/vitamins currently in the mix. and i'm a guy, so this hopefully doesn't involve ovaries.
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aw crap, on continued searching, i just found this thread.

still interested if anyone knows of supplement/vitamin-specific rememdies, though.
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Are you also overweight? Overheating seems to be a symptom of that. If so, I'm not gonna pretend the answer is to remedy that issue -- I realize that's quite difficult. But just wanted to establish the parameters.
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I have exactly the same problem, and i'm mid 20s and 133 pounds (9 and half stone). I think it's just the way some people are, in all honesty.

I know this doesn't directly help you answer the question, just to let you know you're not alone!
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Have you had a physical and had your thyroid function checked?
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I'll be viewing this thread with great interest, as I have the exact same problem. Exact. Of course, I have a rather bad weight problem, so depending upon our body types, we may have vastly different causes.
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I have the exact same issue (I refuse to call it a problem), a bit of a paunch but not seriously overweight and was like this since I was a skinny child. I live in New York and do not own a winter coat. I am rarely cold in the winter, but I look upon summer with dread because I know I'll be miserable, cranky, always hot and sweating. I think only half jokingly that I have reverse seasonal affective disorder.

I guess we could relish our differences and learn to live with them.

Power to the differently acclimatized!!!
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xetere, i feel the same way about each impending summer. however, my thoughts have recently strayed toward "move thyself to iceland!"

i wonder if they'll consider climate-based discomfort when considering my reqeust for amnesty.
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