Singing about blinging
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I'm looking for songs that sparkle! (or that shine, or twinkle, or make you think bright and happy thoughts.)

We're making an internal video for our company that needs to have a "sparkly" theme. We're making a montage of stills that need to be jazzed up with upbeat music, with lyrics that preferably involve light or anything that evokes the idea. Even if the music has a "twinkly" element to it. (For some reason, I can't get the the glockenspiel-y sound of Nelly's "Grillz" out of my head, but that certainly will not do.) The audience is a bunch of medical researchers, so the song needs to be reasonably serious, but still peppy and fun.

So far, we've got "Shining Star" by EWF and "Ray of Light" by Madonna among others, but don't let those affect your suggestions.
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"Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt Unlimited.
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How about Herschell Savage and The American Flag's 3 on 1 Experiment (It's All About You)... "It's all about... SUNSHINE!" {mp3} - From one of the best pure pop album of the 90s.
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Oops, last link shoulda went to this review.
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The Cardigans - Rise and Shine
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"when you smile" by the flaming lips. twinkly moments, and consistently kills me.
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"Shiny Happy People" by REM
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Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
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"Zip-a-dee-do-dah" - James Baskett (and others)
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All is full of Love - Bjork (plaid remix is the best)
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"Better Now" by Collective Soul
"Speed of Sound" or "Yellow" by Coldplay
"Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow
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Hitchcock by The Phoenix Foundation [Quicktime, 14MB], because it sounds like clockwork, twinkly clockwork.
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"Mr Blue Sky" - ELO
"Light & Day" - Polyphonic Spree
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Just looking for "shine" and "shining" in my iTunes library... there are a ton of songs, but here are the ones that seem appropriate:

The Beatles, "Good Day Sunshine" (Revolver)
Louis Armstrong, "The Sunshine of Love"
Brian Wilson, "Sunshine" (Imagination)
Presidents of the USA, "Sunshine" (Pure Frosting)
Stevie Wonder, "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" (Talking Book)
Abra Moore, "Shining Star" (Everything Changed)
Earth, Wind, & Fire, "Shining Star" (Best Of)
The Manhattans, "Shining Star" (some '80s compilation)
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"Starry-Eyed Surprise", Paul Oakenfold.
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Frente, "Accidentally Kelly Street."

It doesn't talk about shininess, but it is shiny.
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"Life of Riley" by the Lightning Seeds.
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Moby - We Are All Made of Stars
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Happy Feet by Paulo Conte - it's in Italian, but infectious & upbeat.
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You guys are so fast! (On my very first mefi question ever.) First of all, thank you Jek for giving me the name of one of my "I love that song but have accepted that I will never know what it's called" songs.

These are great--I'm burning up iTunes listening to them all.

The one thing that I think would put a song over the top are filling the above criteria, while having a few words in it that are "inspirational" (I didn't want to say that earlier, because that word is so fraught with eeevil). But, it's a thanks-for-all-your-hard, groundbreaking-work video, so, eg, Light & Day (thanks, flashboy) has "follow the day," which works. Even something as small as that, that we could use as a thematic refrain. This is not mandatory, of course though.

Thanks again all!
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Polyphonic Spree makes me feel like hugging people
and telling them it will be allright.
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Dazzle by Siouxsie & the Banshees
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"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and The Waves.
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Well, anything by Sparks, Sparklehorse or The Glitter Band, obviously.
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Good Morning Sunshine, by Aqua

I Sing the Body Electric, from the movie "Fame":
I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

And I'll look back on Venus, I'll look back on Mars
And I'll burn with the fire of ten million stars
And in time, and in time, we will all be stars

I sing the body electric
I glory in the glow of rebirth
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the earth
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"I can see clearly now" - Johnny Nash.
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ella fitzgerald, 'blue skies'
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Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson. Twinkles so much you'll need wraparound shades.

If you want a little less funk and a little more science, Neon Lights by Kraftwerk has a long twinkly instrumental section. Perhaps the lyric also suits? "Neon lights. Shimmering neon lights. And at the fall of night, this city's made of lights."
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"Afternoon Delight," by the Starland Vocal Band. Upbeat, but what really makes it sparkle is the four-part harmony and folky acoustic guitars.
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"if you are happy and you know it, and you really wanna show it....."
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Len--"Steal My Sunshine"
Spiritualized--"Lay Back in the Sun"

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Stereolab, Lo Boob Oscillator: "the moon is free".
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"Sparkle" by Mike Viola. And although not very upbeat, "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd.
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Sorry, that should be You Crazy Diamond
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"Toytown" (a random dance track, no idea who by)
"Crazy" Gnarls Barklay
"I see you Baby" Groove Armada
"Would you...?" Touch and Go
Any version of "Summertime"
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Oh and if you like Soulful Strut, go for Am I The Same Girl by Swing Out Sister. Soulful Strut with words and a shiney, sparkly song that ALWAYS makes me grin! ;-)
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Maybe the song is too fast or too disco-ish for you, but when I think of a song that makes me think happy thoughts, I definitely think of the piano part in Travelling at the speed of light (you can download it for free there).
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"Be Gentle With Me" by The Boy Least Likely To.

Also, the lyrics could be taken to have medical overtones.
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"Twinkle", Tori Amos.
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"Afternoon Delight," by the Starland Vocal Band. Upbeat, but what really makes it sparkle is the four-part harmony and folky acoustic guitars.

Plus everyone who saw Anchorman will be laughing their asses off :) -- at least I would.
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Two I like:

Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
Light and Day by the Polyphonic Spree

These don't really have anything about light or twinkling or sunshine or anything in the lyrics, but I think the music's pretty twinkly and upbeat:

Time for Livin' by the Association
Sens by Mathieu Boogaerts (in French)
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(Sorry, flashboy, I didn't read very carefully before I posted and managed to poach BOTH of yours!)
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"Golden" by Hello Dave is the first song on my driving-on-the-freeway CD. Just perfect for a sunny day with the windows open. From their "West" album.
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I love the suggestions of "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Light & Day," though I'm fairly sure it's because I have a thing for both Eternal Sunshine and that damn VW Bubble Boy ad. I'm still going for it though.

The idea of a montage of researchers set to "I See You Baby..." wins the "If only I had no bosses to please" award. I can't even tell you how happy that would make me.

Champ Kind and crew have totally ruined "Afternoon Delight" for me.

Srah, I'm intrigued by Sens, as it's in French (our video is being presented in Belgium), but I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I might locate it?

Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm taking all of the upbeat the ones I can get my hands on to the creative director today.
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dude... Sparkle by Phish.... laugh and laugh and fall apart!!!

more serious, hmmmm..... You Enjoy Myself? Possum? Posssum!
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Timbuk3's The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Where Shades.

Maybe Simon and Garfunkel's The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy).
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Guiding Light - Televison
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"Out of Thin Air" -- Howard Jones (piano instrumental... it is really really sparkly, trust me)
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I believe the mp3 of "Sens" is still online here.
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You should know, however, that while the song is upbeat and cute, it's about poisoning someone with a spiked bouquet of rhododendrons. So perhaps not ideal for a presentation to an audience that actually speaks French!
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So, if anyone is still around, we presented 10 songs:

Light & Day--Polyphonic Spree
Shining Star--EWF
Ray of Light--Madonna
Mr. Blue Sky--ELO
Le Boob Oscillator--Stereolab
Such Great Heights--The Postal Service
Sunshinin'--The Vines
Move Your Feet--Junior Senior
Around the World--Daft Punk

Now we wait to see what happens. Thanks for all of your suggestions!!!
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Hey, glad you liked the Stereolab! I for one hope you report back what you think of the final result.
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