Help me find (or make) this zesting attachment
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Yesterday I saw a video somewhere which I now cannot find, where a young woman was standing in front of a Kitchenaid mixer holding a Microplane. Attached to the mixer on a spike jutting out from the top was a lemon, so when the mixer was turned on the lemon rotated. She held the Microplane against the lemon and the zest came off in about ten seconds.

I zest SO MANY lemons for work and it takes me forever, so I was thrilled to find a way to do it so quickly. However I cannot find any way to buy and/or make the spike attachment. There’s one seriously over-engineered one called a TurboZester for over $100 but it’s out of stock and more than I can afford anyway. There’s also a defunct company called Zesty whose website won’t load. There has to be something else! It’s basically a standard Kitchenaid attachment seating prong on one side and a spike or fork on the other, it seems so simple but is unavailable anywhere I can see. Please help me discover or reproduce this handy gadget.
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I think the Spiralizer will allow you to do that if you just skip attaching any of the other Spiralizer tools.
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(see also electric potato peelers and electric apple peelers if you don't have a KitchenAid.)
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