songs with regular pauses
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I've got a hand-cranked machine that I will crank about 5-10 times, then crank in reverse one time, which is slower than going forward; and then repeat. Sometimes I'll sing a song in time with the machine, and put a dramatic pause in for each reverse. Can you think of any songs (or instrumental pieces) that already have a structure like this?
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Somerset Wassail came to mind immediately for some reason -- the refrain is slower than the verses and might meet your requirements...if you're interested in playing old Christmas songs?
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The Maypole Song from The Wicker Man?
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You can look into weaving songs, rowing songs, etc. Many forms of song were developed for getting people to work together to a set of movements, including pauses and such. YouTube example.
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Also, differently, Kelis - Caught out there and probably a lot of like All Saints, TLC, etc.
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Pop Goes the Weasel
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
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Tom Lehrer's Oedipus Rex has a dramatic pause at the end of each verse.
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BINGO would be fantastic because you can just stick the pauses in wherever you like, and they'll almost never be wrong.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions - I'll try 'em out!
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