Thoughtful deeds are like the sun: help me identify the verse/poem
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I'd like to reproduce this verse and make a gift to my sister, I've associated it with her since childhood but I cannot recall the verse in its entirety.

It goes:

Thoughtful deeds are like the sun
They warm the heart and make life fun

I recall a kitten graphic, it's just one of those childhood things and I keep meaning to create this gift, appreciate the help getting the rest of the verse.
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while I can't find the original Etsy auction, the poem appears in a Google images preview, complete with kitten in a vase of flowers. (The image source is listed as a Holly Hobbie stationery set, but it's clearly from an 'also on Etsy' image.) To simplify matters, I posted it to imgur.
Thoughtful deeds
Are like the sun
They warm the heart
And make life fun
And always bring an extra share
Of happiness to those who care
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Response by poster: that is the exact image that was hanging on the wall of our living room growing up, right above the rotary phone

thank you!
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