Need a mobile plan to use between Quebec and Ontario
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My Quebec Fizz plan (coverage: Canada) is going to be suspended because I'm spending too much time in Ontario. I thought paying for a Canada-wide plan meant I could always use it anywhere in Canada, but apparently not.

I need a cell plan that actually allows me to do that. Not all over Canada even, just Quebec and Ontario mostly. What should I hire?

Is the fastest way to do that going to a store, or is it better online?

Thank you!
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Best answer: I've used public mobile (basic Canada-wide plan) for several years and frequently use my phone in both provinces since I live in one and work in the other, with no issues. Also didn't have any problems when I moved from one province to the other. It's entirely online, but not very fast since they need to mail you a SIM card.
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Best answer: I used to use Fido before I switched to Fizz, and I found it pretty affordable and reliable. They are owned by Rogers so should work seamlessly across most of Canada. In-person is definitely faster than online because you won't need to wait for them to mail your SIM card.

(I switched because I spend a lot of time in the US and their international roaming is expensive, but within Canada they're solid.)
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Best answer: Roger's has 2 sub brands Fido and Chatr. Chatr is the cheaper one. You can use it all over Canada.

Bell has 2 sub brands Virgin and Lucky Mobile. Lucky is the cheaper one.

Telus has 2 sub brands Koodo and Public Mobile. Public is the cheaper one.

Public has no stores and no phone number to call if issues arise. It's ok if there are no problems but otherwise it can be a pain.

Lucky does offer customer support and uses the Bell network, probably the one I would look at first.

Choose your next provider and have them port over your old number.
Do not cancel your service with Fizz first for then you will lose your old number
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I've been happy with Public Mobile for a number of years now, in fact since before Chatr or Lucky were options for me. I think you'd be fine with any of the discount brands and can just shop on price.
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I know someone who has kept their Quebec Fido number for the five years since they moved to BC.
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