What are your favorite "the pro joins the amateurs" videos?
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I'm a total sucker for a professional athlete or musician encountering talented amateurs and joining them for a game/song, especially when it showcases the amateur's skills/composure. (Think Lenny Kravitz with a high school choir, Ed Sheeran at the mall, Rafa hitting with a kid at Indian Wells, etc.) I can search YouTube like a champ, but what are your favorites in this genre?
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Jimmy Somerville of Bronski Beat joins a busker to sing Smalltown Boy.
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There is a whole genre of some guy thinks he can play with pro women athletes. The WNBA stars crushing guys who played in college but weren't on anyone's NBA lists are my favorites.
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So to be clear, you're not interested in the genre of "NBA player clowns youth basketball team?" because I love those but they do not really showcase the amateur's skills
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Right, missed that part.
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I think Wilco let their roadie (or some other person close to the band but not a playing member) play some songs live on stage. I think the song was Love Will Keep Us Together, but I'm not 100% sure.

Also, this one of The Who replacing their drummer with a fan mid-concert is pretty famous.
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Here's Glen Hansard joining in with someone busking on the street playing one of his songs. The song is a vocal duet, most famous from the film and musical theatre production Once.
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This video of Kristin Chenoweth singing with audience member Sarah Horn always fills me with happiness.
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Beyonce joining a huge group of middle schoolers dancing to her song at a school performance never fails to put a smile on my face. The attitude and sass of the kids before they realize Bey is joining them is joyful enough, but then when they get excited to see her join in the middle and yet KEEP flawlessly executing their choreography... it's the best.
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Oh yes! And this one of Lisette Oropesa, singing her fourth encore of the evening, who is joined by an opera student sitting in the audience.
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This one probably does *not* fit the theme...

Ex Marine plays Airsoft and gets 18 "kills" in one minute
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I love this video of Michael Buble being browbeaten into bringing an insistent fan's son onstage during a concert...and then what happens next.
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Tony Hawk does this a lot. Here's one video.
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Adele put on a fake nose and chin to sing with a group of Adele impersonators. (She starts around 3:30 or so.)
In a somewhat similar vein, Jewel once did the fake nose for a karaoke night.
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Lizzo just shared a video kinda like this on Instagram (with a really lovely caption).
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This happened at the 2021 Tour of Britain. Follow-up piece.
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Tools's drummer Danny Carey with some highschool kids playing a very respectible version of The Pot.

I love that he seems to be having a great time and the kids do a great job.
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This is a favorite. Guy at a small coffee shop is playing a Matisyahu song without realizing it's Matis himself singing with him.

The follow up of the kid joining him on stage is nice as well.
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