Restaurant/food delivery in Portland, Maine
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A friend of mine is stuck at home after knee surgery. He lives in the Parkside neighborhood of Portland, Maine. Can you recommend any restaurants or stores that I can have deliver some food to him? Thanks!
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Skip all the big corporate delivery services (GrubHub, DoorDash, etc.) and check out the local restaurant delivery service that, while not perfect, is much more ethical to patronize than other options: 2DineIn.

If you're after prepared foods and ready-to-heat meals, Lake & Co. in the Fork Food Lab incubator is always a good option. They're nice people, as well.
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In addition to the above excellent answer, the Whole Foods and Hannaford (295 Forest Ave.) supermarkets in town both deliver.
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Portland is a foodie town so there are way too many options even once you decide to use 2DineIn. If you mention some genres of food your friend likes, I can recommend places off that very long list.
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