Help me find this specific kind of finger puppet
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Does anyone else remember those finger puppets where you put your first two fingers into the "legs" (made of cloth) and then you could walk your fingers and walk the puppet? I mentioned these at the office today and nobody knew what I was talking about. Maybe it was a 70's thing? No luck with finger legs, finger puppet legs sort of searches on Amazon. Anyone?

(NOT this kind with the separate pieces for paws or legs.) The thing I am talking about is one piece with a body and two hollow cloth legs that you put your fingers into.
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Yes! I have a little brown bear puppet where you put your fingers in his legs. It's from the early/mid-70s.

The label says:
Pride of America
Cuddle Toys
Styled by Douglas - Keene, NH
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I found several available by searching "walking finger puppet."
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There are still plenty of the kind that you can print and cut out. I think the ones printed on card stock were a lot more common than ones that were sewn. I remember seeing them printed on the back of cereal and cookie boxes.

Here are a few of the cloth ones.
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