What would cause someone to suddenly have a lot of energy?
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I'm a long-time cyclist and am in pretty good shape. During my last two rides, I have just flown on the bike. It has been so easy. I have a ton of energy and am not a bit spent when I get done with my ride. What in the world might be the source of all this energy? My eating and sleeping habits have not changed. (I googled, and the only results I could find were ways to conquer low energy.)
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Have you changed your diet so that you are getting
more iron?
more vitamin C?
more vitamin D?
more B vitamins?
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Seasonal change?
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Daylight Saving Time, if that just happened where you live?
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Was your bike just worked on? New tires? Pumped up the tubes to their optimal pressure?

Also, some days are just like magic. Sometimes you know why. Sometimes you don’t.
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Tail wind? I don't feel tail winds unless I check the surrounding vegetation, it just feels faster than usual.
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As a cyclist, +1 tail wind

Is it showing up in other areas of your life, or just on your bike?
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I live someplace where the weather just got nice, and that’s made me a feel a lot peppier on my bike. So that, or a tailwind.
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Did you have an unexpected few days off from biking? I've found that a slightly longer than usual break makes me very energetic when I get back into anything physical, if it's not too long.
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Did you get stronger? Resistance and power training makes suuuch a difference on the bike
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If you've started a physical job or hobby thet gains can sometimes surprise you!
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This happens to me occasionally. My bike racer partner used to say it was glycogen in my muscles. I don't think that can be all of it but I do think the foods you eat make energy available to you at times you don't expect it. I also get extra energy right before I get very hungry, or when stressed to varying degrees. (I don't really track my blood sugar, which is normal, but I got an elevated test one time and my doctor told me it was because I was stressed.)

I've been getting it lately while taking L-Theanine. I say "while" because it may be a conincidence.
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Did you have COVID last year? I had a maybe case very early on (the first March), symptoms definitely didn’t meet the testing criteria at the time. I felt out of shape all the following summer. At one point, came back to some exercise and had energy again.
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Have you recently fallen in love?
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"During my last two rides, I have just flown on the bike." Is this objective, i.e. did you measure speed / power output?

The reason I ask is I sometimes feel like I'm caning it on my bike but look down and the speedo is showing a slower speed than I had assumed, other times feel like a slog but the speedo says I'm actually going at a fair clip.

How long did the ride last?
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My rides yesterday were about 10% faster than anything else in 2023 and I'm attributing it to warmer temperatures.
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Maybe some factor that was holding you down a bit has lifted? Like, for (unlikely) example, carbon monoxide leak now fixed? Life stress lifted? Sun has come out? Cleaner air?
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If you live where there's a big seasonal variation in daylight length, Daylight Savings Time probably means brighter sun during your rise. And it's stronger because of impending Spring, anyway. The other thing that can really affect my energy is B12; if I have been a bit low, then eat more meat, I feel it.

It was quite warm and sunny yesterday in Maine; the sun was perceptibly stronger and warmer, def. gave me a boost.
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Lots of good possibilities above. One possibility I didn't see mentioned was caffeine. There have been times where I forgot to specify "decaf" or accidentally got somebody else's order at a coffeeshop and BOY HOWDY did that make a difference.
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Are you a person that menstruates? Hormonal shifts can impact energy levels/ability to workout.
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For me it was a hyperthyroid problem. Lost a bunch of weight and had a great time, until I got worried about the increased heartrate.
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