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I'm looking for books or websites to read for tips and strategies on managing a small technical team.

I'm not so much looking for advice here, more looking for resources -- preferably a good book but articles or websites would be good too. I'm also not looking for things in the SUCCESS/HUSTLE vein -- this is a small public sector team that already performs well.

I'm taking over managing a 10 person team in a ~40 person workplace, and it's my first time as a manager. Half the team has been in place for 10+ years, and overall there's very little turnover. Everyone generally knows their roles and works well independently. I'm looking for resources for managing proactively but with a light touch. We are a technical/programming team, but I'd be interested in both tech-specific or more general resources. Thanks!
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Go read "Being the Boss" by Linda Hill - it's written for first-time, frontline managers, and I think you'd find it very helpful.
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I love everything from Lara Hogan as a technical manager.
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I like Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager - very practical and to the point.
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Not sure if this book aimed at nonprofit leaders would be applicable to your public sector work, but I loved Managing to Change the World. It's by Alison Green of Ask A Manager (highly recommended for everything workplace-related, including management) and Jerry Hauser of the Management Center (lots of great nonprofit management resources). Even if your work isn't quite nonprofit/public interest, I find both authors are great at avoiding the SUCCESS/HUSTLE vein.
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Both the website and books of Michael Lopp.
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I really enjoyed The Promises of Giants by John Amaechi, it gives a great overview of current research and a very personal take from the author, a former NBA player, who is now an organisational psychologist. It has a very strong moral centre but also a lot of good, practical advice on actually dealing with people.
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The Managers Path by Camille Fournier is aimed at learning to manage for tech workers and is often recommended. see a summary here.
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