Museums and Historical Sites In Nashville
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My wife and I will be in Nashville for a couple of days at the end of March. We like historical sites and historical museums. Besides the Country Music Hall of Fame, what should we check out? Bonus question: our dinners are taken care of, so suggestions as to breakfast and lunch places would be appreciated.
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Best answer: National Museum of African-American Music
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The Tennessee State Museum. You could spend an entire day there, but it's free so you could also just pop in quickly before or after lunch at the food hall next door at the Nashville Farmers' Market.
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The Parthenon in Centennial Park is pretty interesting.

If you'll have a car the Franklin Battlefield site is a bit south of Nashville but very easy to get to. There's lots of restaurants (and shops if you're interested in that) on the main street in downtown Franklin.
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Best answer: Loveless Cafe, Pancake Pantry
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Hatch Show Print which is an amazing old-fashioned press that does prints for many of the shows and events in town.

The Farm House is a nice farm-to-table restaurant pretty centrally located.
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Best answer: Across the park from the TN State Museum which is not to be missed as Mr.Know-it-some mentions, is the TN State Capitol which is fun to wander through and look at the pictures and offices.

As you enjoy the walk from one to the other through the Bicentennial Mall State Capital State Park, don't miss the park wall depicting the history of the state, the carillon bells, the map of the state in the ground.

Nearby Monell's has a family-style all-you-can-eat breakfast that would sustain you through the visit to these two locations and the park.

The Journey to Jubilee tour of the Belle Meade Historic Site was delivered by a very knowledgeble historian who continues to do research into the history of the slaves of Belle Meade and where the descendants are today. There is an on-site, southern-style Meat and Three lunch restaurant.
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Best answer: I enjoyed the Johnny Cash Museum several years back.

Also, Nashville has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon! I haven't had a chance to visit, but it looked really cool when we drove by it.
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2nding the Parthenon, which has a nice little museum inside of it.

The Frist Art Museum has had good exhibits when I've visited it.

It's not historical or a museum, but the Opryland Conservatory was surprisingly lovely.
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Hit up Wendell Smith’s for some meat+3.
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Response by poster: We had a great time in Nashville. We had breakfast both days at the Pancake Pantry, but didn’t have any lunches because our dinners were rather heavy. We visited the National Museum of African American Music, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Johnny Cash Museum, the Patsy Cline Museum, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, and took the Journey to Jubliee tour of the Belle Meade Historic Site. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!
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