Want home deep cleaned; need to support possibly vulnerable women...
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I am in need of a deep housecleaning (Seattle) and turned to Yelp as usual...

...there are SO many company listings, and I don't know a way to vet whether or not the folks that work for them are protected by labor laws. I want to support companies that pay fairly and employ legally with all the protections that that entails. Too many WOC are taken advantage of in similar situations and I don't want to contribute to that.

I would also be happy to hire a woman who works for herself..

Any idea how I can check these companies out (other than cold calling, although i'll do that if i have to). Thanks!
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Best answer: I can recommend April Lane's Home Cleaning as a company that I feel pretty decent about patronizing. You can see on their site what they promise to new cleaners and it does seem legit from what I've heard from my cleaners over the years. Cleaners seem genuinely happy and it's a very diverse bunch.

That said, be forewarned that you definitely pay extra for those good vibes (it sounds like it's worth it to you, as it is to us). I think the only way you get an affordable house cleaner who isn't being exploited by her employer is to hire someone who works for themself. Then you get to choose how much you exploit your house cleaner.
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Best answer: Nextdoor is a writhing pit of pearl clutching homeless haters but it’s also very good at recommending cleaning ladies that work for themselves, at least in Seattle. You can find recent recommendations people have posted or make a post asking for them.
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Best answer: Nextdoor is definitely an option, but can you ask neighbors you know and trust? Many cleaners are individuals or very small businesses, so Yelp or other online resources might not be helpful. In addition, if you hire someone who already works frequently in your neighborhood, you'll minimize their travel time, which is one aspect of treating them fairly.
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