Where can I buy a reliable Al Powerbook AC adapter?
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My Aluminium Powerbook G4's AC adapter is on its last legs. I'll need a new one soon and I don't want to fork out >$100 for an official Apple replacement. Where can I buy a durable, affordable replacement?

I've been through 3 official Apple adapters in the last 4 years, and they've all broken where the plug that plugs into the laptop meets the wire. Through whatever negligent way I use my computer, it bends excessively at that point and before long the plastic is split and I have frayed wire sticking out. The rest of the adapter always manages to stay in mint condition, so I'd want something that was a little stronger at that particular spot.

There are some online, but with either mixed or negative reviews. None of them are that cheap, so I don't want to spend half the money on something that will fall apart 4 times as quickly. Also I'd rather not short circuit my computer. Anyone have any recommendations?

Bonus points for an Australian option... I'd rather not have to also buy an outlet adapter if possible.
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With above link it looks like you can purchase or find from your old blender a cord with the Aussie plugs.
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This was asked last month...you might find some useful links there.
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Not much help to ya, but with my AppleCare plan, I was able to get them to overnight me a new one. Maybe something to consider next go-round?
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Rather than buy a new adapter, what about having your old one repaired? It sounds like the kind of damage that could be fixed in a few minutes by any electronics shop, and they could then equip it with a strain relief boot that would prevent future breakage.
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pocams, thanks, that's a great idea given that the rest of the adapter is fine.

Thanks for the other suggestions so far as well. Apologies for the double post -- I should have checked more thoroughly than trying this question's title in the search field.
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Apple adaptors SUCK. I bought one of these for my AlBook from Other World Computing and am very happy with it. I plan on buying two more (one for home, one for office, one for bag) because the price is so great (US $34.95). So it doesn't have the glowing throbbing deal while charging. Who cares? It works and wont fall apart in 10 months like the piece of crap Apple shipped.
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Apples do suck. I've been through 3, and even called up the Apple Store and was told that they had some "refurbs" in stock - drive all the way there, and of course they don't, so they charge me $80 for a brand new one. Bait and switch!

Look for a refurb, or buy what Scoo suggests.
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