Where's the New York bound 117?
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Where do I catch the New York bound NJTransit bus at Newark Airport?

Last time I flew out of Newark (EWR), I took the 117 NJTransit bus from Port Authority to get there. It was amazing; $4 one way (as opposed to $13 on the private carriers), nearly empty and it took less than 20 minutes. I felt like I'd cracked some kind of code... the airport route isn't really publicised at all, I suspect to prevent it from cutting into their much more expensive AirTrain service.

Anyway, I neglected to figure out where to catch it to get back to New York, and ended up shelling out the big bucks for the Olympia bus upon my return. When I was dropped off last time, it was on a one-way side road right off of the highway, next to the long-term parking lot on the North end of the airport complex, and, though I suspect that the New York-bound bus stops somewhere nearby, it's highly unlikely that it stops in the exact same spot. I've been studying NJT's crappy little route map, but it's offering me no clues.

Has anyone ever done this before? Where do I go to catch the New York bound Local 117 NJTransit bus at Newark Airport?
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Is there a reason to take the bus instead of the NJTransit train to Penn Station? You can get the train right at the terminal, and it's also $4 (iirc).
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Response by poster: It's $14 one way, not $4.
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Response by poster: Crap, all 117s should read 107. Sorry.
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I would love to know the answer to this too! Thanks for the tip, saladin!
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Because I am very much interested in this (but have never done it) I did some Googling. According to this forum posting you get a #37 bus from the terminal to the "North Area". Here's the schedule for the #37, and it definitely seems like it would work. The North Area stop indicates a transfer to the #107 is possible.

The NJ Transit #107 schedule says there is a "restriction" and that you must use the Coach USA service from Terminals A, B and C to get to New York.

The frequency of the service isn't that great, but I might just try this next time I'm heading in or out of Newark.
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oops... Here's the link to the #37 schedule.
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According to the fine lady from NJTransit that I just got off the phone with, you need to take 37 (PDF) over to the North Terminal and catch the 107 toward NYC from there(Be sure to get a transfer!). She mentioned the possibility of either Airport or other courtesy shuttles also making the trip, but didn't have any information on them.
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She mentioned the possibility of either Airport or other courtesy shuttles

She probably meant Airporter.
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Response by poster: BEAUTIFUL, thank you. Cheapskates, unite!
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Best answer: Okay, I just got back and have the definitive answer!

To get to Newark, take the 107 Local from Port Authority ($4). The first stop is the Newark Airport Economy Parking Lot, at the North end of the airport complex. Cross the street, walk into the lot, and take a parking lot shuttle bus to your terminal.

To get back, it's the exact same trip in reverse. Exit your terminal on the bottom (baggage claim) level and walk across the street. Here, you can pick up shuttle buses to the Economy Lot. Ride one out to the lot, and cross the street at the north end of the lot to the exact same bus terminal that you were let off at when you came in from Port Authority. Wait for the New York bound 107 Local (good idea to pick up a schedule when you leave Port Authority), and make sure you have EXACT CHANGE ($4).

Piece of cake, and you saved $20! Highly recommended method. If anyone has any further questions, my email is in my profile.
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