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Is there a way to automagically track usage of a space indoors? I have some spaces at work that I know are under-utilised but I could do with proof. I can't rely on booking systems or self reporting and we have an electronic keying system that I can't request output from.

Free or low cost options are most relevant. Can I, for example, register the spaces somehow in google and see their busy times that way? I could probably do it with a simple motion detector attached to an arduino but people often sit for long periods of time in these rooms too, and I don't know how sensitive that is.
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The simplest, cheapest "magnetic circuit counters", also called "door counters", are relatively inexpensive, but spending money at all when all that data is already in your keycard system seems impractical.
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"Occupancy monitoring sensors" is a good phrase to search for. Some of them are reasonably privacy-sensitive and are measuring things like infrared and CO2 rather than trying to figure out who the specific people are,
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Saw a story about this recently.
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Wyze has motion sensors that can trigger events. You need one of their home hubs and a bunch of the motion sensors, one per room. Then just create some sort of trigger that writes a log onto your phone or PC and count the events.
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