Remove ads on my Wordpress blog?
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I have a Wordpress blog and I pay about $20 a year to use my own url for it. I thought that would mean it wouldn't have ads on it, but it still does. What do I have to do to not have ads on it? Thanks!
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Best answer: The $20 is just so your domain name pints to the site.

You need to pay for an ad-free plan:
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Best answer: You can also pay for hosting somewhere else and use WordPress ad-free there.
posted by rikschell at 3:21 PM on March 11, 2023 [1 favorite] is ad-supported or paid-for by the person who set up the site, namely you. will give you the software to install yourself, or there are plenty of easy-to-deploy hosting options out there, for €3-$5ish a month. have a WordPress hosting package and don't seem to be operated by unpleasant individuals. You could export your content then re-import to your own host, just needing to re-point your DNS to the new server.
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