Airport Extreme Acer Problem
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Airport Extreme can't connect with Acer can connect with compaq.

I can't get an acer laptop (Aspire 1640) to hold a wireless connection with a Airport Extreme wireless network. My old compaq connects fine, my HP PDA connects fine, the powerbook fine. BUT the acer connects fine to any other wireless network I can find. Even more irritating occasionally the acer will connect to the Airport Extreme but will be a very slow connection and will fail after a couple of mins. The airport extreme is connected to some kinda generic modem/router called Xtreme.

I need some pointers.
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Try downloading the newest drivers for your Acer.
posted by k8t at 3:41 AM on April 27, 2006

Try nailing the Acer's wireless settings to use 802.11g only, not autoselecting b/g - I've seen this cause similar problems with other laptops and access points.

If you've got any other 2.4Ghz toys - video senders, wireless alarms, etc - turn them off while you're testing. Ditto your Compaq / Powerbook / PDA.

Do your testing from across the room, not sitting right next to the Airport.
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